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Download the A+ APP from the Apple store, input the code found on the back of the card, and enjoy the ease of having the A+ Card on your iOS phone*. It is GPS-oriented and can show you all the businesses that give you discounts, plus what their offer is!


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General School Fundraisers  •  Fundraisers for Class Projects  •  Choir and Band  •  Proms and Celebrations School Trips  •  Sports and Athletics  •  Campus Improvements  •  Educational Equipment  •  Churches & Youth Groups  •  Community Theaters  •  Community Projects  •  PTA  •  Non-Profits  •  Arts Groups

Over $886,427 For Central Texas Schools and Organizations Since 1988

..........and counting.

A+CARD is a School/Business Partnership. Local businesses offer valuable discounts to families who support their schools and organizations by purchasing the A+CARD.
Everybody Wins: Schools raise needed funds. Businesses attract new customers & reward established ones. Families save money. Students demonstrate school pride & receive valuable prizes. Teachers lose NO instructional time during the fundraiser. How does it work? The A+CARD sells for $20; the schools receive $10.00 and students receive prizes. When? Schools and businesses are screened and selected in the spring. Printing of material is completed in the summer. Sales are generally conducted in the local schools during the fall. Why? The A+CARD main goal is to help schools earn extra money for educational equipment, field trips or campus improvements for students in their school. Currently schools earn from $500 to $17,000. While our main target is schools/education, we are open to organizations to participate.

Helping You Meet Your Fundraising Goals.

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McLennan & Bosque Counties   254-855-5942


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