Helping You Meet Your Fundraising Goals.

Your customers can save hundreds or thousands of dollars each year at places they already shop, while also supporting your group.

A School / Business Partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much profit do we make?

    You make $10.00 profit per card. We split the cost of prizes.

  • Is this fundraiser only available to non-profit groups?

    This fundraising program is available to any organization or any group who needs to raise funds for any type of project.

  • When does the card expire?

    The A.+ CARD is valid for one year-the beginning of September to the end of September of the next year.

  • How much do the A+CARDS cost?

    The A+ CARD is $20. .

  • Does the A+CARD need any info from our organization 
before we get started on this fundraiser?

    Just a contact name, email, and phone number!

  • What kind of businesses participate?

    A wide range of businesses participate in the A+ CARD fundraiser. Some examples are national franchises

    such as Subway and Sonic, or local businesses that offer services such as car washes, dry cleaning, and oil



  • Are the offers good for a one time use or repeated uses?

    Offers on the A+ CARD can be used once a day.

  • What kind of offers are on the card?

    There are a variety of deals that can be offered depending on your local merchant. A typical offer is a "Buy

    one, get one free" deal


  • How long should our savings card fundraiser last?

    We recommend a two week sales campaign. We have found that if it is any longer your fundraising members

    will tend to procrastinate and not place the fundraising campaign as a high priority.


Discounts from national and local businesses.  From restaurants to dry cleaning,

oil changes and car washes.

Bell, Falls & Lampasas Counties   254-644-1058

McLennan & Bosque Counties   254-855-5942


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